Fast 24/7 Security Solutions for your??Business.

Throughout Melbourne and Victoria.

Precision Locksmiths??is committed to technological excellence, superior quality and creative ideas.??We provide quality service from small independent firms to Body Corporates and commercial clients.

  • Obligation free on site surveys, quotes & advice.
  • We open, re-key, repair & replace all types of commercial locks
  • Restricted Keys including Lockwood Gen6, MLAA BPA, & ??Lockwood Twin.
  • Master-Key systems.
    We can tailor a system to suit your needs, & help you to reduce the number of keys you carry!
  • Precision Locksmiths are Electronic Lock Specialists.??We supply and install a wide range of Digital locks & ??keypads, Finger Print Readers, Magnetic Locks and Electric strikes. ??

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  • Lockwood Commercial Locks
    We are Lockwood Agents and stock a comprehensive range of Lockwood products, including Architectural Hardware.??

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  • Frameless glass door locks ??? including locks located at floor level, both patch fittings & full rails.
  • Three Point Locking and ADI bolts??
  • Padlocks & Chain -??We??carry a wide variety of padlocks from small leterbox locks and school locker padlocks to high security marine grade padlocks.
  • Door Closers
    We repair, service & install a full range of Door Closers, including surface mounted closers, Slide Rail, Cam Action, Over-head Transom Closers, Frameless Glass Door Closers in the floor, (Floor Springs), & all Gate Closers ??? to ensure that your gate closes quietly without slamming!
  • Deadlocks, Window locks, Patio Bolts, Sliding Door locks, Security Door Locks, Garage & Roller door locks. ?? ?? ??
  • Meter locks ??and keys for power or service industry and fire department access.
  • Keysafes and Key Cabinets ??We supply Supra S3, S5 & S7 Keysafes which are dynabolted to your brick or concrete wall. We have done various testing over the years & found the Supra Keysafes to be robust & excellent value for money. . We also have a variety ??of key cabinets which can store up to 100′s of keys. ??
  • Filing Cabinet & Cupboard Keys
    We can cut various types of cabinet, cupboard & locker keys to code. We also offer a service of posting them out. We can also attend site & repair, re-key or replace. ??

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  • Welded steel bars & security mesh
    We also install perforated mesh onto gates, to stop people putting their hand through where lever handles must be installed.


Exit Door Regulations

Do your Exit doors comply with the Building Code of Australia???

We can assess and quote on upgrading or replacing your door locks to ensure compliance. We can also provide a written report. If deadlocks & Panic Bolts need to be removed, other security options such as 3 point locks can be installed that do comply. Ring or email us for more information.

  • Precision Locksmiths specialise in Exit Door / Fire Door regulations and compliance. We have conducted seminars, & been heavily involved in the development of new products that offer better security & still comply with the Building Code of Australia.
  • We have kept in regular contact over the last 15 years with both the Melbourne City Council & the Building Commission of Victoria, to ensure that our knowledge is accurate & up to date.
  • We are highly recommended throughout Melbourne by organisations such as Australian Essential Services Group. (Ph: 9499 6504 ??? Layton Gale)